Pagodenkalender 2024

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How to order

To order your Pagodenkalender, please send us an email.
Don‘t forget to include your full address. We will work out the total costs for you and reply within hours. You can then pay by PayPal or wire transfer, it‘s up to you.

What's the Pagodenkalender?

The Pagodenkalender – a wall calendar with 12 beautiful shots of the Mercedes-Benz „Pagoda“.
All photos are submitted and hand picked by Pagoda enthusiasts from all over the world. Only the 12 best photos will be used in our calendar.

13 sheets, DIN A4 (210 × 297 mm), spiral binding, offset printed on high-quality paper. Made in Germany.

Since 2019

We now have an additional table calendar with the same 12 photos but in a different format.

Price information

The traditional wall calendar:
16 EUR plus shipping

The table calendar:
11 EUR plus shipping

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